tdr1001_To make Disneyland actualization what kind of thing Walt putted onto security?


“Disneyland” was opened as the fist theme park running by Walt Disney Company in suburbs of Los Angeles Anaheim City, California, America on July 17th 1955.

“Family to enjoy without worrying and be full of happiness and energy”.

Dreamland that has such thought of Walt Disney now became 60th year and is still full of guest’s sile.

Disneyland grew to a theme park that every one knows, but before building it people opposed aggressively that “reality is not that easy”.

Especially the construction “expense” became a huge issue.

Back in the time financially difficulty continued even after “Snow White” became a huge hit at Disney Company, so they couldn’t squeeze money for construction of theme park.

So, Walt started to think if he gives “certain thing” in security he could get the money.

That “certain thing” is his “life insurance”.

Actually he tried to make actualization the construction of Disneyland having his “life insurance” as a security.

His strong will that he even puts his life insurance as a security made Disneyland complete and gave dream and hope to many people…. it is quite heartwarming story.

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