tdr0962_Party was held on Mark Twain Riverboat on the day before the America Disneyland opened


On July 17th 1955 “Disneyland” that has Walt Disney’s dream and ideal was opened in Anaheim City of California, United States of America.

On that memorable day Walt held a party on Mark Twain Riverboat, which is an attraction that exists inside Disneyland.

Walt invited many guests and they all celebrated… but this is not for celebrating Disneyland open.

Then the party was held for what?

Actually this party was to celebrate Walt and his wife Lillian’s wedding anniversary.

Walt and Lillian was married on July 13th 1925 and this party was held on July 16th 1955.

On the day that is 30 years and 3 days since Walt and Lillian got married he held a party with thought of application towards his wife who supported him for long time.

Walt Disney who held a wedding anniversary party with his wife even the day Disneyland was at the corner.

Walt could made his dream come true, because there was Lillian who is a great supporter and a great wife.

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