tdr0906_The reason why Walt watched boring TV program seriously


The founder of Disney “Walt Disney” had something that he bears in mind as a creator from everyday life.

That is “to watch seriously any TV program even it is boring”.

But why he was doing such thing?

For Walt, boring TV program is one of subject of researches. He watched seriously while thinking about the reason like “how come this TV program is boring?” and made lists about the reason why it is boring in his own way.

Film with bad reputation is one of that.

He picked up the reason by watching seriously even it is a film that people don’t bothered to see to not make the same mistake on his film.

With book that started to sell from March 2013, “Favorite Memories of Walt Disney”, it has an episode of his wife Lillian asked him “shall I change the channel?”, because he was watching the TV program boringly, but Walt shake his head sideways.

From this episode we see how Walt was passionate about producing TV programs.

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