tdr0896_Learning comic about Walt Disney’s life was sold?


“Walt Disney” is the founder of Disney who developed theme park that gives dream and hope to the world and started revolution on animation industry.

His achievements are often talked about, but about his life of 65 years of 1901 to 1966 what kind of life he had, how come he started to face with animation, or how come he came up an idea of building theme park is not often talked about.

So, in March 2003 learning comic of Walt’s life was sold from Popular Publishing Co., Ltd.

The title is simply “World biography in comic: Walt Disney”

It started to issue as one of “series of world biography in comic” that is making comic based on world legends under Walt Disney Company supervising.

With 125 of contents there are stories of why Walt went on path of animation, untold story about Mickey Mouse, or private stories about Walt proposing to his wife Lillian, so there are full stories in it.

It is one of the books that you should read if you are a fan of Disney.

Learning comic “World biography in comic: Walt Disney” can be enjoyed by kids to adults and it is easy to understand.

If you haven’t read yet, how about giving a try?

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