tdr0736_Secret of “Disney” logo design


Company logo of “Disney” is used with Disney films or goods. I am sure you have seen this logo before.

The shape of cursive-like is very characteristic.

Anyway, this company logo of “Disney” is not just selected because of the excellent design.

Actually it is made having a model.

The model is “signature of Walt Disney” who is a founder of Disney.

It is obvious when comparing his autograph and company logo.

– Rounded “D”.
– Top of “i” is circle as if it was written scribbled.
– “N” and “E” in capital letter.
– Single stroke “y”.

As you can see there are many common points.

It is such a cool way of creating logo having the founder, Walt’s signature for reference.

His signature will exist forevermore on Disney films and goods, so I am sure Walt himself is happy about it.

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