tdr0735_Unexpected encounter of Walt’s wife who supported Walt


“Walt Disney” is a founder of Disney who created various films, characters, and theme park that people can enjoy safely.

Because of his work, entertainment industry got huge shock and made rapid progress.

Walt was always busy, but of course he had marvelous employees and support from his beloved family. Especially his wife “Lillian Marie Disney (formerly Bounds) supported Walt closely than anyone else.

She was a stylish woman who was two years older than Walt.

How did busy Walt meet Lillian who will be a good wife and support him?

They actually first met at “Walt Disney Studio”. Lillian was worked as secretary of studio department called “Ink & Paint”.

She met Walt and they were together as a companion or life.

They got married in 1925.

In 1933, first daughter, Diane was born, and in 1936, which is 3 years later second daughter, Sharon was born, so Walt and Lillian built happy family.

But isn’t it surprising to hear Walt Disney married a woman with office romance?

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