tdr0726_When Disney employee goes to business trip someone is always coming with the employee


“Walt Disney Company” is a company provides various “entertainment” such as animated film, live-action film, or theme park.

This company always challenges new things to spread and spreading dream and hope to the world.

The founder is what the company name says it is “Walt Disney”.

Of course he had talent as a creator, but also it is not over exaggerated to say that his strong faith created the Disney in nowadays.

“Family” is what he cherished.

He cherished the time being with family and when planning to build Disneyland for the first time he made a concept of “place where family not just kids can play safely”, so that he took great care about family being together.

That stayed the same for employees that at “Walt Disney Company” when going to business trip he accepted for the family to come with the employee.

Disney employees often go on business trips for documents of films or attractions. The more the business trips the more family time gets less.

Walt himself had a time working in New York alone, so he knows how people get lonely when working being apart from family.

Because he didn’t want his employees to feel that loneliness, so he let the employee family to go business trip with the employee.

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