tdr0605_In Walt’s final years he used to dip donut to something?


“Walt Disney” who is the founder of Disney never gave permission to sell alcohol at Disneyland (except “Club33”).

He probably had an idea of alcohol is not needed for theme park where family enjoys and it can be enjoyed without having alcohol.

Although, he wasn’t a non alcoholic drinker.

Especially he drunk alcohol like a fish in his final years and he even drunk from the morning.

His favorite breakfast was to have donut dipped in Scotch Whisky, so he had it everyday.

Walt created animation and theme park to give dreams and hopes to many people.

It is worth praising and it is not that easy to achieve these success.

I am sure he received many resistances from people around him and sometimes things did go as well as he thought.

Bigger the business gets, the bigger the burden gets, but his achievements are the result of him keep working to death.

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