tdr0991_Solar panel is set on roof of Oriental Land?


Tokyo Disney Resort consumes massive amount of electricity due to attractions, shows, or parade that it consumes 570,000kwh of electricity in one day, which is what 50,000 houses consume electricity a day.

Although, it doesn’t mean Tokyo Disney Resort just consuming overwhelming number of electricity.

Part of illumination of Disney Park changed to LED or energy saving countermeasure of large heat-source equipment that divides the heat to each building, or installing new non-utility generator to peak cutting the electricity.

Also, as part of saving electricity countermeasure solar panel is set on the roof of Oriental Land and it is applying to management of Tokyo Disney Resort.

That electricity supply with one day is corresponding to one night parade (as of 2010).

The amount of electricity that one time of night parade consumes is not clear, but that solar panel can provides all the electricity that floats covered with illuminations uses is quite surprising.

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