tdr0988_What is “slight acidity electrolyzed water” that is using for virus countermeasure at Tokyo Disney Resort?


Lately we see “alcohol antiseptic solution” is set at entrance or exit of building or bathroom to prevent flu or virus to spread.

Especially the countermeasure at places where people gather is solid that Tokyo Disney Resort is one of that.

At Tokyo Disney Resort where tens and thousands of people visit everyday the countermeasure using “slight acidity electrolyzed water” rather than “alcohol antiseptic solution”.

It is not very familiar, but how different from “alcohol antiseptic solution”? I have made the list below.

1. It has bactericidal effect on Norovirus, which cannot sterilize with disinfect with alcohol (eternal)
2. It has strong bactericidal effect on wet skin when disinfect with alcohol is effective with dry skin
3. It is liquid like water, so it doesn’t sting when there is scar on skin
4. It doesn’t really leave the smell of chlorine on food, so it uses to bacteria elimination on food
5. It is kind to skin and has high level of safety
6. It is easy to rinse off

Even picking up roughly the difference with alcohol antiseptic solution is obvious.

It is great that it specialization with Norovirus, not jut flu, and more than anything it is safe.

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