tdr0938_30th anniversary version! Disney Resort Line free ticket is so cute


“Disney Resort Line” is a cute Disney monorail that goes around 4 stations that has 3.1 mile with about 15 minuets.

Since it opened on July 27th 2001, it became an important transportation that connects each facility in Tokyo Disney Resort and I am sure many guests use this.

So, to use this monorail good and more conveniently “free ticket” is necessary. When having this ticket guests can use the monorail as much as you can during the time it says on the ticket, so guests can travel inside the Resort freely.

Such convenient ticket design changes often that when Tokyo Disney Resort celebrated the 30th anniversary the limited design free tickets were sold and gathered many attentions.

30th anniversary design that changes limited time had 5 designs in total.

[First period] April 11th to July 7th 2013: Mickey Mouse and Pluto
[Second period] July 8th to September 2nd 2013: Chip n’ Dale and Clarice
[Third period] September 3rd to October 31st 2013: Donald and Goofy
[Fourth period] November 1st to December 25th 2013: Minnie and Daisy
[Fifth period] December 26th 2013 to March 20th 2014: Mickey Friends

5 designs above have sold and when applying by gathering 3 different designs then original pin with Mickey and Minnie was given as a present.

Changing designs per period and providing present that touches fan’s heart even it is the anniversary, this can only be done by Disney.

I hope this kind of project will appear again.

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