tdr0908_Don’t worry even it is crowded? Parking that is made to have less accidents


Tens and thousands of guests visit Tokyo Disney Resort with car, so many cars are going in and out then what we get worry about is accidents.

When it is crowded, it gets hard to park or hard to depart from. I am sure many people have experienced bitter situation like when making quick turn of the wheel several time the car contacts other car or your car gets scratched by other car.

Anyway, to not let the disaster happen Tokyo Disney Resort made certain efforts, which is listed below.

1. 60 degree diagonal parking space
2. forward parking, forward departing

Which means?

-Meaning of 60 degree

Parking that we see with supermarket or shopping mall has right angle squares regarding direction of traveling and with such type parking the driver needs to make quick turns of wheels several times to park by straight from the head of car or from the back.

To avoid the disaster of contacting with other cars that are parking front, back, and side while making quick turns Tokyo Disney Resort made the parking squares with 60 degrees to make drivers to park most smoothly regarding the direction of traveling.

-Meaning of forward parking, forward departing (few exceptions)

Backward parking has narrow sight compare with forward parking, so that is one of the causes leading to accident.

Therefore, Tokyo Disney Resort made inside the parking one-way traffic and made parking space with 60 degree to make the cars to park smoothly while traveling the same way.

Also, making the cars to depart from the parking space with traveling forward rather than backward to preventing contacting the cars around by going many directions.

These efforts are limiting accidents.

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