tdr0904_30th anniversary is real? The first day of event was so crowded!


On April 15th 2013 is the day special event “The Happiness Year” that celebrated 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort and there was huge lines and Tokyo Disney Resort was so crowded.

The first day of event was on Monday. Normally Monday has less people, but Disney fans came from all over the Japan for the day of the 30th anniversary celebration and queues that cannot compare in past was made in front of the entrance.

Usually Tokyo Disneyland restrict the attendance with about 80,000 guests and 50,000 with Tokyo DisneySea, but on that day the number of guests that visited Tokyo Disney Resort was more than 80,000.

Even it was on weekday, it achieved number of attendance like during long holiday.

“The Happiness Year” started off with many people have closed the curtain with success and the annual number of attendance (Disneyland and DisneySea) achieved 31.298 million, which is highest record.

Tokyo Disney Resort that is loved by many people for over 30 years.

It cannot take the eyes off that what kind of achievements will be achieved from now on.

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