tdr0897_Disney official camera application “Happiness Cam” is incredible?


Tokyo Disney Resort official application “Happiness Cam” was deliver for iOs and Android on March 15th 2013.

It is unbearable for the fans that it is released for 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort and has Disney style effects fully.

When taking picture with this camera application and choose the each attraction effect…

– Frame and filter that has image of selected attraction gets composite.
– When turning on the default function effect of “only smiled picture” gets add.
(When selecting Splash Mountain effect the ear grows from the head)

There are more that you can edit the picture to cute and Disney like.

It is great for people who cannot go to Disney Park that often can take picture as if you are at there.

But all of these are with many other camera applications.

The attraction of “Happiness Cam” shows up when “you go inside the park”.

Actually this camera has function that can only be used at “specific area of inside the Park” and when taking picture at the specific area with turning on the location information limited effect reflects on the picture.

This limited effect updated frequently, so you can take different pictures.

This is such a wonderful function for guests who visit Tokyo Disney Resort often.

How about installing it if you haven’t used or people who are planning to go to Tokyo Disney Resort?

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