tdr0878_People who are dashing at the same time park opening are hurried for what?


Tokyo Disney Resort creates huge queues before the Park opens.

Have you seen guests running with full effort at the same the Park opens?

Running right after the Park opens is such a dangerous behavior that leads to injury and guests who have commonsense know that is breach of manners, but how come they are hurried?

-Making reservation of lunch or dinner: highly competitive that it gets fully book several minutes after the Park opens.
-Fastpass of attraction: slight difference effect hugely on waiting time.
-Reserving the spot of parade or show: to enjoy the show or parade with great spot.

The reasons of why people running can be think of these 3 causes.

It is understandable of getting there first can be use the time without wasting and can enjoy fully, but it is such a behavior that bother other guests and dangerous, so do not do so.

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