tdr0873_It is emergency when hearing park announcement! When the announcement made?


Usually Tokyo Disney Resort doesn’t make announcement to not destroy the view of the world of dreamland.

Even there is a report of lost child Tokyo Disney Resort doesn’t make an announcement, but finding and solving with ability of security casts.

That is how much they are avoiding to make announcements inside the park, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t make announcements at all.

When the Tokyo Disney Resort makes an announcement that is when it is “emergency”.

-When there is a guest sudden illness or with severe injury due to accident and not able to find a companion: call out for the companion with announcement.
-When there is a possibility of causing huge effect to guests by accident or disaster: announcement of evacuation indication or details of disaster.

Announcement is made inside the park situation shown above.

When speaking of disaster, Great East Japan Earthquake is still fresh in mind.

40 seconds after the earthquake the announcement was made in 2 languages, which were in Japanese and English to call out for preventing confusion.

Because of appropriate and quick indication there were no huge confusion.

Dedication towards service of Tokyo Disney Resort that response quickly and appropriately when it is emergency while protecting the dreamland is amazing.

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