tdr0867_Which station was the nearest to Tokyo Disney Resort before the Maihama Station opened?


“Maihama Station” is the nearest station of Tokyo Disneyland that also used as transfer station of Tokyo Disney Resort Line and it allows people to get to Tokyo Disneyland with 7 minutes walking and 20 minutes walking to Tokyo DisneySea.

The Maihama Station was opened in December 1988, which is 5 years after Tokyo Disneyland opend, so “Urayasu Station” was the nearest station for 5 years before the Maihama Station opened.

Although, Urayasu Station wasn’t that close to Tokyo Disney Resort and it was inconvenient to get to.

Back in the day, guests had to transfer to fixed-route bus from Urayasu bus terminal after getting off at Urayasu Station in order to get to Tokyo Disneyland.

When using both of train and bus sometime guests end up wasting time when the bus of train was delayed, so I am sure they had hard time.

Access to Tokyo Disney Resort became much better since the Maihama Station opened.

To be able to go to Tokyo Disney Resort even not having a car is one of strengths of Tokyo Disney Resort.

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