tdr0857_Guide map of Tokyo Disney Resort in 3 different languages other than Japanese


Guests around the whole world visit Tokyo Disney Resort, so there are various ingenuities that don’t let foreign guests to have hard time.

One of the ingenuities is “guide map” that is handed out inside Tokyo Disney Resort.

Guide map that is handing out at Tokyo Disney Resort has written in foreign languages other than in Japanese.

Supported languages are 3 languages, which are English, which is the most popular language worldwide, Korean, which is language of country that located next to Japan, and Chinese, which has the most population.

Moreover, there is two kinds of Chinese version map that it has simplified Chinese character version and traditional Chinese character (Simplified Chinese character: Chinese mainland or Singapore/ traditional Chinese character: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau).

Because these considerations are completely on everywhere, so foreign guests can have a blast without having a hard time.

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