tdr0844_When Oriental Land was established it was a small company?


Oriental Land Co., Ltd. is a company operating Tokyo Disneyland, the dreamland.

It was established on July 11th 1960 and now after a half Century it grew to a huge company with 2,229 official employees, 820 theme park employees, and 18,706 junior employees. (As of March 31st 2015)

It seems it is an outstanding company from the beginning, because of achievement of attracting Disneyland to Japan, but actually when it was just established it is not over exaggerated to say that just the company name existed without having any work.

Back in the day the company was set on 5th floor of Keisei Electric Railway main office (Ueno, Tokyo), which Chiharu Kawasaki the first president worked at, but it was in such a terrible situation that it was hard to acknowledge that it is a company.

There were only 3 executives at Oriental Land and only 3 desks were in the room. The company didn’t have company phone that they had to borrow phone from Keisei Electric Railway’s to call through the telephone switchboard. So, it was in unprecedented state.

After a year since the company established, which is 1961, Masatomo Takahashi joined the company as executive director who will be the president after. Mr. Takahashi started to negotiate with Urayasu fisherman and prepared to reclaim the land as only actual working unit.

Oriental Land successfully attracted Disneyland to Japan after going through many hard times and grew hugely and continue growing until now.

We hear a lot of success story of small company become a huge company, but it is unbelievable Oriental Land started off with 3 executives.

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