tdr0841_Most of greens of Tokyo Disney Resort are evergreen trees


Tokyo Disney Resort the dreamland with beautiful greens.

Hundred kinds of plants are managed by special casts and bright greens can be seen even winter comes, which is the season leaves falls.

As if trees have been bound by magic, but how could this possible?

Actually most of the plants that are planted inside the park are evergreen trees that leaves never fall.

The tree has the leaves through the year, so it never looks lonely during certain seasons of year and doesn’t have to clean much.

Oppositely deciduous tree, which is tree that leaves fall are only planted few.

When the leaves fall it makes the atmosphere something missing and it looks not nice.

Also, fee of cleaning the fallen leaves gets huge.

From those reasons Disney Resort prefers evergreen trees and taking care of those.

By the way it doesn’t mean there is no deciduous trees at Tokyo Disney Resort.

How about going for plant hunting to see which one is evergreen tree and which one is deciduous tree?

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