tdr0832_How does tropical rainforest at Tokyo Disney Resort live through the winter?


Tokyo Disney Resort where it has green richly has hundreds of plants and 100 of casts who are in charge of plants.

Inside the Park, there are various kinds of plants like popular kinds to rare plants and there are many guests who come for plant hunting.

Especially tropical rainforest that cannot see in Japan often are worth seeing.

Mostly the tropical rainforest can be found at Adventureland of Tokyo Disneyland or Lost River Delta of Tokyo DisneySea.

Then this question comes up.

How does the tropical rainforest that are taking care at Tokyo Disney Resort live through the winter in Japan?

Tropical rainforest are plants that grow at tropical regions as the name says.

These plants prefer the environment of high humidity and high temperature, so winter in Japan that temperature drops to minus and dry it is hard to think it can handle.

But tropical rainforest at Tokyo Disney Resort live through winter energetically.

But why it is possible? The reason is hidden at underground.

Actually area that tropical rainforest are at has thermic ray in underground, so it makes the plants live through the winder by the heat warming the ground.

Beautiful greens grow, because the perfect environment is provided for plants to grow energetically.

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