tdr0828_Certain snack was sold for the first time in the history of Tokyo Disney Resort?


Certain snack was sold for the first time in the history of Tokyo Disney Resort on December 14th 2012. That certain snack is… praying for passing an entrance exam “Goukaku Deki-mouse Youni” (hope passing the exam”.

Three different packages having cherry blossom on background and word of “hope passing the exam” were developed.

-Soft rice cracker (curry flavor): $6.50
It is curry flavor rice cracker contains thought of “pass the exam!”

-Chocolate: $5.50

Cherry blossom shaped chocolate that is perfect for sugar supplementation for the exhausted brain by studying.

-Choco in Cookie: $4.50

It is wrapped individually and it has 6 different messages are on the cookie like “hope the dream come true” or “hope it leads to splendid future”.

-Candy: $5.00

Grape flavor star shaped candy.

It is such a great snack for prospective students who are busy with studying, because there are messages cheering them up on the individual package and there are words of hope.

Anyway, after 2012 “hope passing the exam” items are selling every year and products other than snack increased.

Especially stationary like pen, which is necessary to study and lucky charm of prayer for school success are popular. Many people actually commented on the lucky charm that “it actually worked” or “passed the desired school”, so it is gathering many attentions between prospective students.

How about prospective students of this year getting one for a prayer?

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