tdr0825_Salary is growing? Annual income of Oriental Land employees


Number of annual attendance of Tokyo Disney Resort keeps growing and always expanding.

Economics are depressed in Japan, but Tokyo Disney Resort doesn’t let us feel that. Number of annual attendance is growing and earnings never stop growing.

Anyway, how much of benefit employees of Oriental Land Co., Ltd., which operating the dreamland get?

As of August 2015, number of independent employees of Oriental Land are 2,229 and linked employees are 4,438. Average age of the employees is 44.1 years and average annual income is $7.92 million.

Even it is the price including allowances it is such a rich numbers.

Official employees of Oriental Land are treated so well and each allowance is extensive that annual income of 2nd year at company is about $4 million, in 30’s is about $600, and in 40’s the price goes over $7.50 million.

By the way, with the data based on “National Tax Agency Japan (2013) male in early 40’s average annual income is $5.68 million and male in late 40’s average annual income is $6.38, so it is clear how employees of Oriental Land is treated well.

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