tdr0817_Tokyo Disney Resort looked totally different due to heavy snow


On January 14th 2013, ceremony of coming of age held in every region in Japan, but Kanto area had heavy snow in 7 years and now accumulation of 3.14 inch in Tokyo and 5.11 inch in Yokohama was recorded.

By that transportation was disrupted hugely and accidents due to snow or frozen roads happened continuously, therefore it affected Kanto area hugely.

This snow affected Tokyo Disney Resort hugely too and thought people would get panic, but because of the snow it became a totally different world.

Cinderella Castle covered by snow looked like a castle of northern country and Prometheus Volcano reminded of Mountain Fuji.

Fairy-tale view was spread and guests could see Tokyo Disneyland that cannot be seen in ordinary day.

Certain attractions and shows were restricted due to snow and it was hard to walk around, but I am sure this became a special memory.

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