tdr0803_There is a Fan Club at Tokyo Disney Resort?


“Fan Club” is a group that made by fans of entertainer, sport team, specific person, or group.

It is a great for enthusiastic fans, because it is a place where fans interact and able to get information or items that are limited only for members. Most of the times it is established towards human being, but there is an official fan club for Tokyo Disney Resort.

It is called “Funderful Disney”.

It is the one and only official fun club of Tokyo Disney Resort.

“Funderful”, which is used on the name of fan club is combined words of fun and wonderful and is established on November 18th 2004 having hope of “guests who are always having fun from bottom of their heart at park to feel the park more and more closer”.

You may have already realized, but the established date of fan club is same is Mickey Mouse’s birthday.

With this there is a meaning of “let the fan club be loved by many guests forever like Mickey Mouse”.

The registration fee is free and annual fee is $32.40 (as of 2015) and when becoming a member…

– “Member’s card that only exists one in the world” with name and ID number on is given when becoming a member and when extending. (Design changes every year)
– Magazine full of newest information “Funderful Disney”.
– “Special goods” that is limited for members like calendar in the end of year.

These will be sent to members.

Also, there are various merits such as membership limited advance application for passport web or getting discount on limited time offer one day passport, so it is wonderful for fans.

東京ディズニーリゾート・パークファンクラブ/Funderful Disney

How about becoming a membership of this fan club if you are interested?

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