tdr0798_Famous shop outside of Park? Tasty muffin and bread shop


Inside Disney Park there are many tasty restaurant, food counter, or wagon food, but did you know that there is food counter outside of park?

The food counter name is “Carriage House Refreshment”.

It is a food counter that is famous for tasty muffin and bread and it is located between Tokyo Disneyland’s main entrance and guest parking.

The main menu is (as of January 2015) muffin and bread that there are “banana & walnut muffin”, “double chocolate muffin”, “Mike melon-bread”, “raisin and nut’s rye break” and many other and ice creams that sells inside park “Mickey ice cream bar (tropical fruits)” or “Minnie ice bar (peach & raspberry)” or drinks are provided.

Also, drink holder with adorable Disney characters are provided other than food, so many guests purchase it as a souvenir after coming out from the park.

How about visiting this shop after coming out from the park and when you have time?

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