tdr0783_Balloons disappeared from Disney Parks?


“Balloons” are always at the amusement parks.

It floats in the air that is different from the normal balloon, so it is such a popular item for kids and this balloon used to sell at Tokyo Disney Resort as typical item, but because of some circumstance it stopped selling from November 21st 2012.

That circumstance was lack of “helium gas” that is used for the balloon.

Some problem happened at helium mining facility, which is supply source that has been supplied, so it couldn’t supply and demand stably therefore it stopped selling the balloon for temporary to see if it gets better.

The balloons re-started to sell on January 14th 2014, which is about a year later.

The supply and demand situation got improved, but because there was changes on material cost, so the balloon went up about $7 to $10 compare to before it stopped selling.

It seems quite expensive when knowing the previous price, but it is good enough that it is back in the Park.

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