tdr0782_A natural monument at Tokyo Disney Resort? Big rare tree that delivered from Okinawa


There are lots of greens at Tokyo Disney Resort.

100 of casts in charge of planting manage flowers or trees and making the Park colorful.

There are many spaces that are perfect for plants lovers and many guests observe plants as plant hunting.

Anyway, there is a spot gathering certain popularity from plant hunters at Tokyo DisneySea.

That spot is “Lost River Delta”.

When speaking of Lost River Delta, it is a theme port created in motif of tropical rain forest. Many plants are grown thickly like the real jungle and many different kinds of plants can be observed.

Especially I want you to pay attention to the huge tree called “ficus superba”.

“Ficus superba” is evergreen moraceous tree of the tropical genus Ficus that grows wild in temperate regions and it is authorized as natural monument in Aichi prefecture, Kochi prefecture, or Saga prefecture.

This ficus superba cannot be seen in eastern Japan for the most of the time, but Tokyo Disney Resort made it delivered from Okinawa and planted in the Park.

It is ficus, so the fruit looks just like ficus, so around May small hypanthium can be seen on branches or a trunk and sometimes the hypanthium gets full on a trunk.

It is a tree that can be found easily.

By the way 2 of this tree is planted near “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”, which is in ToonTown of Tokyo Disneyland, so how about going for plant hunting if you haven’t seen it.

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