tdr0779_Parking fee in 1983 was way too cheap?


Do you take a train to go to Tokyo Disney Resort? Or by a car? There are people who think going by a train is easier and also there are people who go by a car with the own pace.

Anyway, when going to Tokyo Disney Resort by a car, “parking fee” gets curious.

Because it is such a popular theme park the fee becomes quite high.

As of August 2015, weekdays parking fee for passenger car is $25.

When going with a family of 5 then it is $5 per person, so it is not a big money when thinking paying for a train ticket, but I am sure there are people who think the fee is “a bit expensive”.

Actually this fee isn’t the same when the Tokyo Disney Resort opened.

It is 3.5 times more expensive than the parking fee of when it first opened.

1983 As of August 2015 (Weekdays)

Passenger car (overall length less than 16.4ft) $7 $25 About 3.5 times bigger
Large vehicle (overall length more than 16.4ft) $20 $45 About 2.3 times bigger
Two wheeled vehicle (including motor cycle) $2 $5 About 2.5 times bigger

It is obvious when seeing the numbers above.

Each fee has been gone up more than twice.

It is understandable that back in the days in 1983 prices were much cheaper than now (2015), but still the price went up extremely.

I hope the fee gets down even little.

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