tdr0778_There is a tip for Disney passport that changed by installing new gate?


New gate was newly installed at Tokyo Disney Resort on October 16th 2012.

Before the gate was like automatic ticket gate of station (magnetic ticket type) that when putting the “passport” into the gate the “expiration date of use start time” gets printed, but for the convenience improvement the gate started to change to the new type.

Now I am sure many people have seen it, but with new gate guest just have to held over the passport (barcode area) to the sensor just like IC ticket, so it is very easy…But actually many people have hard time doing it.

It is because sometimes the machine doesn’t read the barcode well.

The new gate was installed aiming to make improvement on convenience, but oppositely many times machine doesn’t read the bar code or the queue doesn’t move… This is like putting cart before the horse.

Actually this bothersome phenomenon can be avoided with little tip.

That tip is to held passport over the lower part of sensor.

It is so simple, but this actually has reason for it.

You would see when looking at the sensor closely, but the sensor is set on the lower part of the sensor that is framed in square. It is set on the lower part, so you would have to hold over towards lower side.

The recognition failure was caused by people holding the passport over to make the barcode fit into the square frame.

This is not important, but since the new gate was installed the passport cannot tell if it is used or not has been used, so since the installation many gift certificate shops stopped using passport.

Also, there are people who put passport on auction, but it is not possible to confirm it is used or not, so there is a possibility that used passport is mixed, so please purchase the ticket officially.

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