tdr0762_When is the least crowded time in Tokyo Disney Resort?


Tokyo Disney Resort is always filled with people. Anyone would want to choose less crowded time to visit there as much as possible.

Of course the parks are very busy on weekends. Then you may think, “Maybe I should visit on Wednesday, the middle of week.” Well, it really depends on the season as well as the events that are going on.

Then, when is the least crowded time of the year?

Both in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, the period between January 6 and late February (except on Coming-of-Age Day and Valentine’s Day) is the best time to visit.

The period is said to be the least crowded season of the year, as it is after the winter holidays and the popular New Year’s event.

If you want to avoid congestion but cannot visit there during the period above, see below for your reference.

Disney Parks congestion levels over the year (★ 5 levels)

January 1 – 5: Congestion level ★★★
– New Year program
– Expected to be super crowded that admission restrictions may be in place.

January 6 – late February: Congestion level ★
– Deserted after winter holidays, except on Coming-of-Age Day and Valentine’s Day.

Late February – early April: Congestion level ★★★★
– Disney Easter starts in early April.
– Students have spring holidays, leading to congestion.

Early April – before Golden Week: Congestion level ★★★
– Disney Easter
– Less crowded than during Golden Week
– Tends to be crowded on April 15, anniversary day of Disneyland

Golden Week: Congestion level ★★★★
– Super crowded that admission restrictions may be in place, due to Golden Week
– If you visit during the holiday period, the last day of Golden Week may be slightly better…

After Golden Week – early July: Congestion level ★★
– Disney Tanabata Days
– Less crowded in June, without a statutory holiday and with bad weather during rainy season

Mid-July – early September: Congestion level ★★★★
– Disney Summer Festival
– Crowded because students enter summer holidays and adults have Obon holidays.

Mid-September – late September: Congestion level ★★
– Temporarily less crowded after summer/Obon holidays

Early – late October: Congestion level ★★★★★
– Disney Halloween
– Special Disney passports for residents in Kanto area issued during this period
On each residents’ day (Tokyo Residents’ Day on October 1, Gunma Residents’ Day on October 28, Ibaraki Residents’ Day on November 13, Saitama Residents’ Day on November 14, Yamanashi Residents’ Day on November 20…), Disney Resort issues special passports for residents of each prefecture.
– Admission restrictions may be in place especially on Saturdays.

Early November: Congestion level ★
– Deserted during a few days between the end of Disney Halloween and the start of Christmas event.

Mid – late November: Congestion level ★★★
– Christmas event starts.
– Gets busier as the event proceeds.

Early December – December 31: Congestion level ★★★★★
– As the Christmas event proceeds, the parks get more and more crowded. (Super crowded on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, of course)
– During the countdown event on New Year’s Eve, admission restrictions are most likely in place.

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