tdr0761_Ice cream for hot summer! Baskin Robbins product that collaborated with Disney


When it is hot we all want to have cold ice cream, right?

“Baskin Robbins” collaborated with Disney for the first time in April 2011.

Disney ice cream cake called a great response and became popular, so the products launched in various ways like year-around products or products according to events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Lately, ice cream cake of “Olaf Happy Snowman”, which has design of snowman “Olaf” who appeared in “Frozen” became so popular.

It is like right man in the right place that this ice cream cake is so cute that snowman Olaf is smiling on the ice cream cake.

Also, “Mickey and Friends” ice cream party set has been upgraded from June 1st 2015 and it is becoming so popular.

Customer can choose 6 cup ice creams and pack into house shaped box with Mickey on it.

When decorating the atmosphere with appurtenance of party tower before eating it creates party atmosphere and the party tower making transformation to quoits after eating, so this product is great for kids.

Ice cold, Tasty, and fun ice cream are perfect for the hot summer!

It is exciting to see what other products are coming out.

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