tdr0758_Limited time casts! Casts that appear having bucket during Halloween


“Halloween” is a festival that occurs on October 31st.

“Jack-o’-Lantern” that scooped out the pumpkin or kids dressed up as ghosts and going around by saying “Trick or Treat” and this scene that kids getting snack is gradually happening in Japan too.

Anyway, “Halloween” is a main event in autumn for Tokyo Disney Resort.

This event gets hold from September to the end of October, so guests can enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort full of Halloween atmosphere with Halloween limited goods or Halloween limited menu.

Also, even among casts who live up the dreamland the limited casts appear during Halloween.

What kind of casts appears?

The sign of limited casts is “pumpkin basket”.

When saying “Trick or Treat” to a cast wearing Halloween costume and hanging pumpkin basket from neck you get “candy”.

It is such a typical Halloween service and it’s great for kids.

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