tdr0740_Multipurpose hall “Maihama Amphitheater” that became a new theater


Cirque du Soleil’s private theatre “Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo” was opened on October 1st 2008 and closed on December 31st 2011.

It is a Tokyo Disney Resort’s facility that owned by Oriental Land and it is a first permanent theatre that performs original performance other than North America.

This theatre wasn’t used after performing last show of “ZED (performance title of Cirque du Soleil)” and after completing the private theatre role, but it reopened as “Maihama Amphitheater” on September 1st 2012.

It started to use as a multipurpose hall that it became a theatre that can be use various purposes like film preview, concert, or show.

Basic charge (on the performance day) of using 9am to 10pm it is “$1.5 million a day” on weekdays and weekends or holidays becomes “$1.75 million a day”.

It seems very expensive, but when making 2,170 seats full charging $10 each then it is easily can settle the basic charge, so it is quite appropriate.

If you are looking for a venue, how about considering this theatre as one of venue choices?

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