tdr0739_Admission restriction applies by how many people?


Many guests visit theme park that represents Japan, “Tokyo Disney Resort” all over Japan everyday.

Of course weekends and holidays get crowded and even on the weekdays, which seems less people get crowded that people have to wait in queue for attractions.

And during long weekends incredible situation happen that 100,000 people come and visit.

When this many people come and visit all in once than “admission restriction” have to apply.

Then when does admission restriction apply at Tokyo Disney Resort?

Actually admission restriction applies aiming about 80,000 people at Tokyo Disneyland and about 50,000 people at Tokyo DisneySea.

By the way, the reason admission restriction applies less people at Tokyo DisneySea is because Tokyo DisneySea is smaller than Tokyo Disneyland. Therefore, the limit number of people is set less.

It is so unfortunate when visiting Tokyo Disney Resort and getting admission restriction.

It would be better to avoid going on the day that seems get crowded or acquire “Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel Guest Card”, which gets issued when admission restriction applies.

* “Tokyo Disney Resort (R) Hotel Guest Card”

It is a card that proves you are a guest staying at official hotel.

This card distributes subjecting guests staying at hotel or Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Center of JR Maihama Station) when admission restriction applied at Tokyo Disneyland (R) or Tokyo DisneySea (R).

When showing this card at entrance you would be able to go inside the park by purchasing the ticket even there is an admission restriction.

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