tdr0725_An heartwarming time that wheelchair old man spent


Tokyo Disney Resort is always full of people. Of course people come and visit with friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or family. This time I would like to introduce a story about “a old man” who came to Disney Resort with his family.

Old man was with wheelchair and came and visit Tokyo Disneyland with his two grandchildren and his daughter and daughter’s husband.

Old man had lunch after spending time with his beloved grandchildren.

After that he told his family “I will wait for you at World Bazaar” and decided to go separately.

He probably didn’t want to bother his family more than anything, because his wheelchair would limit the action. When they decided that they will meet in the evening old man sat on the bench alone an wait for the time to come.

Even he is at the dreamland it is boring to wait alone.

When he was about to fall asleep two casts who walked pass by got worried and asked if he was okay.

Casts were told his circumstance.

It is not rare that people would say “okay, see you then” and leave him, but these casts brought up an interesting idea to the old man.

They asked “do you want to go around the park together?”

Actually casts went around the whole park by pushing the wheelchair and explain the park. And casts took him back to World Bazaar before the time he meets with his family and said good-bye to him.

The old man who was touched by a heartwarming event posted on newspaper about two casts few days after. He spread the world there are wonderful casts at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Cast’s service technique is wonderful that they make action flexibly according to guest and think service is not just working as what manual says.

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