tdr0723_What’s the area difference with Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea? Tokyo DisneySea’s water area is quite big


It is all the sudden Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea which one do you think it is bigger? Both seems large in same way, but Tokyo Disneyland is bigger than Tokyo DisneySea actually.

When putting it in numerical form…

– Tokyo Disneyland: about 51 hectare
– Tokyo DisneySea: about 49.3 hectare
(Land: about 40.1 hectare/ water: about 9.2 hectare

It becomes like this and it is slight difference on total area, but there is 10.9 hectare difference on land.

And when comparing this are with Tokyo Dome (about 4.7 hectare), which is typical thing to compare when it comes to an area and it is actually 2.3 of Tokyo Dome.

This difference is huge.

By that difference occurs on limitation on number of attendance that Tokyo Disneyland restrict admission after 80,000 people and Tokyo DisneySea restrict admission after 50,000 people.

When there is huge difference of area it is obvious.

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