tdr0715_Quite obvious with your smartphone? Waiting time or schedule can be check with your hands?


To enjoy attractions or parade efficiently at Disney park you would want to know waiting time of attractions or schedule of parade.

Waiting time of each attraction can be checked by seeing information board or display at entrance of attraction, but to check that by traveling the huge park is quite tiring.

If it possible you would want to check the time where you are and travel according to the situation.

Then smartphone gets handy.

Actually when accessing “Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website” with smartphone or mobile terminal (feature phone) the attraction waiting time of course, also schedule of parades can be seen clearly.

First, access “Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website” with your smartphone or mobile terminal.

When the top page is shown choose “Tokyo Disneyland” or “Tokyo DisneySea”, whichever you want to know and choose “Today’s waiting time/ Schedule”.

The attraction’s operation condition, character greeting operation condition, or schedule of parades or shows show up, so you can know information that you want to know can be easily access. (To use that you would have to provide location information, so you would have to be inside the park.)

Also, information of closed facilities, availability of guide tours or priority seating that can be reserved on the day can be checked, or making reservation at restaurants (if there is available tables) are possible.

It is very convenient mobile website.

When using this well it seems you wouldn’t have to waste time.

Please try and access this website when you are inside the park.

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