tdr0706_That many? Plant at Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disney Resort is giving high priority to maintain the plants like flowers and trees to protect the view of the world of dreamland.

Topiaries that lined up at Plaza or “Mickey flower bed” that exists at main entrance of Tokyo Disneyland, the performance by plants are spectacular.

This is because of the professional casts taking care of it everyday, but how many of plants are planted at Tokyo Disney Resort?

Actually there are 200 of flower beds at Tokyo Disneyland and over 220 kinds of flowers get planted in a year. Also 100 of professional casts manage about 6,000 of trees and 1 million of roots of flowers at Tokyo DisneySea.

This enormous numbers and is surprising, isn’t it?

Plants are transplanted according to the season or event and Tokyo Disney Resort is performing with plants matching the theme or having rare plants that cannot be seen other places.

It would be a great idea to walk around and see colorful plants not just enjoying attractions.

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