tdr0698_”D’s Delights” is Japanese Disney’s first ever drink brand


On August 24th 2014, Oriental Land made announce of establishing “D’s Delights”, which is Japanese Disney theme park fist ever drink brand.

The “D” is stands for “Disney, Dessert, and Drink” and “Delight” means “joy or pleasure” and developed products according to theme of “fancy, but cute drinks that makes the park more enjoyable”.

The first shot happened with concept of “mixing” that 9 kinds of drinks started to sell from September 1st 2014 and because it looks so cute and flavor that never existed before, so it gathered many popularity from female guests.

The way of selling the drinks like summer limited cold drinks or winter limited hot drinks gave stimuli to purchase desire and in the summer of 2015 4 kinds of cold drinks with concept of “rich happiness” started to sell.

Every year drinks that doesn’t exist nowhere is provided at Tokyo Disney Resort.

“D’s Delights” can be enjoyed because it is at Disney parks.

It makes us wanting to visit and try all the flavors as the menu changes.

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