tdr0679_”Birthday Passport” that is perfect for memory of special occasion that only happens once a year


Birthday comes by once a year to everybody.

I am sure there are many people who spend such a special day at Tokyo Disney Resort.

So, I would like to recommend “Birthday Passport”. This Birthday Passport is $23 expensive than normal passport, but because it is more expensive it comes with many benefits.

-Birthday medal
Birthday Passport limited medal that is draw Mickey who wearing yellow silk hat.

-Birthday card
Message card that can put picture that is taken inside the park.

-Birthday stuffed doll
Original designed stuffed doll that Mickey wearing yellow silk hat holding present box.

Because it is Birthday Passport limited, so all of these benefits are perfect for the memory of birthday. Also, from January 1st 2015 it is renewed to new design, so it is such a great benefit for those who have this birthday passport.

The price is shown below. (As of May 2015)

(Over 18) (12-17) (4-11)
1day $92 $83 $68
2day $147 $131 $103
3day $189 $167 $130
4day $231 $203 $157

(Birthday Pass = normal pass + $23

Birthday passport’s benefits leave the memories with products.

How about spending your birthday at Disney?

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