tdr0673_Accident at Tokyo Disney Resort? The first ever accident that happened while riding an attraction?


Roller coaster attractions are indispensible to amusement parks.

These safety standard is set by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism that it is a rule that attractions that off from the standard cannot operate.

It obviously applies to Tokyo Disney Resort that Tokyo Disney Resort is running without any accident by following the standard and manage by setting stricter standard.

Because of that solid attitude towards safety there is no accident of attraction since 1983, which Tokyo Disneyland opened to 2012. (Although there was an accident of bolt that is used on attraction fell and guest received minor injury in 1986, even it is not an accident of ride.)

But, unfortunately the accident of ride happened on May 28th 2012. The accident happened on Raging Spirits of Tokyo DisneySea.

The ride started to move even there was a trouble of “safety bar not dropping” and male guest bruised his right ankle by getting off from the ride in a hurry.

By that Raging Spirits had to suspend the attraction for temporary and restarted the operation after confirming solidly and strengthening safety countermeasure.

Because lately there are many fall accidents with roller coasters of amusement park, so Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism just announced “reconsider the standard about safety device in 2015″.

I hope this kind of accident will never happen again at anywhere also at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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