tdr0665_Food expiration date trouble? The response that Tokyo Disney Resort took?


Expiration date is displays on food.

That date indicates the time that food quality or taste of food is maintained and when it is within the time it guarantees the food can be eaten.

It is displayed on processed food, so I am sure many people check that date when purchasing it.

Stores that carries food like supermarkets check expiration date, so abandon food that passed the expiration date and dealing by putting discount on food that has expiration date is approaching, but sometimes the food that passed expiration date manage to line up on the shelf.

When that happens and discovered the issue at cashier the appropriate response like exchange the food and that fact solved at there… generally that is common story.

Anyway, to explain why I brought this story is because there was a trouble of providing food that is passed expiration date at Tokyo Disney Resort in the past.

The trouble happened in November 2008.

Coca Cola that is passed expiration date was sold at Cirque de Soleil Theatre. Guests couldn’t notice the expiration date, because Coca Cola was poured into specific cup.

The expiration date was discovered when the cast checked it after the theatre closed. And the cast reported and it was announced to medias.

It was expiration date rather than consumption date, so they could have hide the fact and without people know about by announcing as a problem of deterioration of taste even the expiration date was passed.

But when it is not announced it might give suspicion or became a rumor between guests.

The attitude that Tokyo Disney Resort took, which is to announce the fact to not let that problem happen again and protect the reliance of casts and guests is because Tokyo Disney Resort is pursue first class service.

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