tdr0651_Commercial of Tokyo Disney Resort doesn’t have certain display?


We see “TV commercials” when turning on the TV.

Many commercials are broadcasting everyday to advertise own services or products.

Of course commercial of Tokyo Disney Resort is broadcasted regularly, but there is a thing that is different from other commercials.

That is “Display of company name”.

Food company name shows on the screen when the commercial is about food and cosmetic maker definitely shows up when commercial is about cosmetic.

Commercials complete including the company name.

But with commercial of Tokyo Disney Resort the name of business operating company “Oriental Land Co.,Ltd.” is not shown.

Why do you think that is?

The reason of that is hiding under the “license contract” that Walt Disney Company and Oriental Land exchanged.

To begin with, Oriental Land is a business operating company that runs business of Tokyo Disney Resort due to exchanging license contract (a business tie-up) with Walt Disney Company, but the rights and ownership of Disney characters or Disney films are with “Walt Disney Company”.

To explain that directly Tokyo Disney Resort is owned by Walt Disney Company, therefore to display the name of Oriental Land on the commercial cannot be done contractually.

People don’t realize this fact until getting told.

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