tdr0640_Popular Disney blogger saved a life?


Disney Resort is loved by many generations.

When there are many Disney fans that means there are many blogs related to Disney, so when searching there are more than one million blogs.

When even limit to Disney specialty blog there are several thousands.

That’s how much it has popularity and there is a demand, but “Yoshida family’s Disney diary” that runs on Ameba Blog is acquiring top class popularity.

It is a blog by Yoshida family who loves Disney that it often brought up on TV or newspaper and it gets several thousands accesses.

It is also authorized as official top blogger on Ameba Blog, so it has that much of power and it appears top on search sites.

In the past, such popular blog “Yoshida family’s Disney diary” dissuaded certain person to commit suicide.

It wasn’t like Yoshida persuade that person to dissuade suicide.

Yoshida up loaded a blog about the time family spent fun time at Disney and they just reported how the park looked like, but that dissuaded that person to suicide.

The person who reconsidered about suicide was one of readers of that blog.

As he was looking and reading the blog of Yoshida family having fun at Disney Resort it encouraged him and left a comment with appreciation on the blog.

One life was saved, because there was a diary of Yoshida family having fun by experiencing the dreamtime that Disney creates.

This also can be said it is a power of “Disney magic”.

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