tdr0635_”When your smartphone battery died…” Here is the place you can charge it at Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disney Resort is always full with guests.

Of course popular attractions have long queue and guests would have to spend time waiting. So, “smartphone” is the item that kills time.

It is very convenient that guests can play game, gather information, or take pictures.

But, the problem is it kills battery.

Lately the technology has grown that decrease of battery of smartphone became better than before, but as consuming the speed of decreasing the battery gets faster.

Of course some people do prepare the battery charger, but when battery is about to die and forgetting bring such thing then you would be in trouble.

It would be best to charge the smartphone at somewhere, but unfortunately there is no place to charge at Disney park.

Although, there is a place where smartphone can be charged outside of Disney Park.

That place is “Ikspiari”, which is a huge shopping mall that is located inside Tokyo Disney Resort.

There is “coin typed cellphone charger”.

Setting places are as below.

1F: Garden Site/ Information Counter (open from 11am to 8:30)
2F: Traders Passage/ Information Counter (open from 10am to 9:30)

The charger can be used with $1 for 20 minutes.

You could extend the time when throwing coins continuously, so you would be able to use for an hour if you put money for an hour.

It is one of ideas to use it when your smartphone died. (Although it is not compatible with foreign cellphones or PHS, so please note that.)

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