tdr0628_What do you wish to have around your house? Ranking of famous places around Tokyo


To know what is around the house is important point when choosing house.

It would be convenient when there is convenient store or supermarket near and when amusement facilities are near then the range of play would get bigger…The lifestyle changes completely depending on the environment around.

Anyway, interesting ranking was announced by “SUUMO”, which is information site of house and real estate that runs by Recruit.

The title is “Famous places around Tokyo that would be fantastic if it is near my house”.

Investigation was occurred during March 26th to March 27th 2012 subjecting 20 to 49 years old of men and female on Internet.

Result of getting 392 effective respondents…the one that became 1st place was “Tokyo Disney Resort”.

From the reasons of “Disney goods can be purchased easily” or “great for family service”, it gained votes regardless of gender.

For your information, the ranking of 1st to 10th is shown below.

1st: Tokyo Disney Resort (24.3%)
2nd: Tsukiji (22.8%)
3rd: Yokohama China Town (17.2%)
4th: Daikanyama T-SITE (13.1%)
5th: Tokyo Tower (11.7%)
6th: Imperial Palace (11.7%)
7th: Asakusa (10.7%)
8th: Takao Mountain (9.5%)
9th: Tokyo Sky Tree (8.5%)
10th: Rainbow Bridge (4.4%)

Places related to food made 2nd and 3rd place. Other than that popular tourism spots lined up.

Dreamland is near your house… It is such a dream like situation.

If Tokyo Disney Resort located near your house you would probably visit when you have time by purchasing annual passport.

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