tdr0620_Touching film that shows from young lady to old lady. Tokyo Disney Resort commercial


Tokyo Disney Resort broadcasts TV commercial every year according to events or campaign. All the commercial has full of joy and makes the feeling of wanting to go to Tokyo Disney Resort boost up.

There are many commercials that grab the heart of public, but animation type commercial that broadcasted in 2012 gathered many attentions.

That commercial was about the life of one young girl.


Holding hands together with her father and visited Tokyo Disneyland for the first time.

Young girl who looks like about 5 years old has smile on her face while hanging popcorn around her neck grows up to elementary student to high school student.

She meets her soul mate when having churros in front of “It’s a Small World” with her friend then getting married in front of “Cinderella Castle” after dates.

She gave birth to a girl and seeing the fireworks with her husband when she is aged, which she saw with her husband and her child before.


It was such a beautiful commercial that drawn pleasant time that cannot be speaking without Disneyland.

This commercial did not just broadcasted in Japan, it also praised oversea.

It is deeply moved that life is fully stuffed into Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland was opened 1983.

I am sure there will be people like a girl from the commercial that growing up surrounded by Disney.

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