tdr0615_Uniform Disney is popular now? But actually it is not allowed!?


Lately, going to Tokyo Disney Resort wearing school uniform “uniform Disney” is popular now.

Especially girls tend to think and make “memories wearing matching clothes”, so it is popular and you see many girls wearing school uniforms.

Even in Disney commercial of “Spring Campaign” used female high school students wearing uniform, so it seems Disney is authorized and allowing them to wear uniform and visit Tokyo Disney Resort.

But did you know that actually “school uniforms” are not allowed?

When guests see school uniform it reminds them the reality right away.

So, it is unsuitable for dreamland.

Uniforms are not allowed at Disney parks in America to begin with and uniforms supposed to be not allowed in Japan too.

Although, uniform culture is fixed in Japan more than America and there is a state that many schools obligate to wear school uniform with school trips.

So, Oriental Land asked for “permission about uniform” to U.S Disney.

Therefore, Disney made announcement to guests that “if possible, wear normal clothes” via travel agents, but now as you can see with advertisements and commercial of “Spring Campaign” Disney is authorized about uniform, so it doesn’t seem clear if the uniform is allowed or not.

But it would be better to practice self-control with “uniform Disney” that is so popular now, which coming to visit wearing uniforms from school graduated.

That is because “nonstudent wearing uniform can be given an idea of cosplay”.

“Coming to Disney park cosplay” is not allowed except special occasions, so the behavior of “student wearing uniform from other school” can be think the same.

I understand you want to go back to the days of school life, but let’s have fun while following rules.

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