tdr0610_There is an incredible manual for emergency at Tokyo Disney Resort


“Walt Disney” who is a founder of Disney created a “theme park that can be enjoyed by family safely”.

And his will is now carried on continuously.

For example, at Tokyo Disneyland there is earthquake proof countermeasure is occur on attraction and buildings, stock for emergency food, and even own ambulance and fire-engine is provided. The emergency drill that estimated level 6 of earthquake is done once in two days to make cast’s anti-disaster consciousness increase.

Tokyo Disney Resort never compromise with emergency activities that even seems “too much”, but this is not it.

Actually there are manuals that expected “many disaster” at Tokyo Disney Resort and there is a manual of “case airplane crashed on the premises” prepared.

There was a time plane crash continuously happened, but airplanes are known as “world’s most safe vehicle”, so as of search by American National Security Transportation Commission, the rate of airplane that you are on fall and crash is 0.0009% when calculating with every airline in the world.

With such numbers that is close to zero and when limits the crash place to one place then the rate decreases more.

Although, it is a fact that it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen at all.

Sincerely attitude towards safety can be seem that Tokyo Disney Resort takes a measure when there is even a slight danger, which is.

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